Role: Social Media Lead to Brand Marketing Manager
Responsibilities: Overall content strategy, organic and paid social media calendar, influencer marketing management, creative direction, studio management, photography, manage a team of 5 under both the marketing and creative department as well as external stakeholders such as PR, production and performance.
Photography shot and edited by me for the website.
New packaging design for secondary boxes.
Partnered with the designer to create new branding for all SKU's.
Provided design direction and packaging copy.
Viral videos on Regimen Lab's Instagram and TikTok Channel creatively briefed in and produced by me. Filmed by the science team and edited by the designer. These 2 videos are a part of content series developed by myself which are an R&D lipbalm exercise and Recreating Ancient Skincare.
1st video currently at 3 million views, 118k likes, and 1400 comments on TikTok
26.4k views on Instagram
2nd video currently at 20k views on and TikTok and 5k views on TikTok
• Honed in branding standards to create cohesive flow 
• Developed strong content strategy to introduce variety content mix and outputs
• Improved overall engagement rate on IG to 1.3% and followers to 17k (all organic)
• Developed a streamlined and tight-knit process to producing video content that performs on IG and TikTok
• Built the TikTok account from scratch to 57k followers in 1 year, avg 18.9k views per video, a 1.5% engagement rate and several viral videos (over 1M views) all organic!
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