Because cab apps need good design too...
This redesign is based on the main target audience for this app – late night party-goers. I chose to make the app bright for evening use and simple using a basic colour palette and minimal detail.
This app was designed for Androids.
All designs are built on a 750 px x 1334 px resolution.
This school project was given 2 weeks to be completed.
Used minimal colours to avoid distraction from the simplicity of the main design. 
Created a more modern look in keeping with the new app design. Used contrast with “black top” and movement in the sheared, italic “& checker cabs”.
Started with paper low-fidelity wireframes and then translated them onto Sketch. Finalized work in Illustrator. Prototyped in InVision.
Tools Used: 
Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Photoshop, InDesign
Thank you for viewing!
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